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     Connecting Women of Achievement

About ConnectiviTEA

Out of a long distance friendship and years of long

distance calls--ConnectiviTEA was born.                   

The founders of ConnectiviTEA met one another while working together in the corporate

world.  As the years passed, both changed positions multiple times and moved away from

their homes in Southern California--one to the Seattle, WA area and the other to the

Scottsdale, AZ area.  One became a college president and the other a writer and CEO of

her own company. 

As each of their responsibilities increased, they never seemed to be able to find the time to

cultivate relationships with other accomplished women.  This led to countless hours of long

distance calls between them squeezed in while taking a bubble bath or waiting for dinner to

come out of the oven. At times, one just needed the other to listen to the challenges faced

on an especially tough day.  At other times, one or the other wanted to share a private

moment of triumph that she knew the other would understand.  Most often, it was just

about sharing an inspiring idea, a great find or the news of the day. 

Then one had the idea for an intimate networking group of accomplished women who could

get together in person to meet, share in stimulating conversations and build lasting

relationships.  Before they knew it, the idea came to life and ConnectiviTEA was born. 

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