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Success is sweet -- but

only if you can take time

to share and enjoy it. 

You’ve worked hard to get where you are.  Don’t you deserve some “me” time?  While there’s nothing better than a couple of hours at the spa or a dinner out with that special someone--as women we naturally crave the friendship and companionship that only comes from the female spirit.  It’s what we grew up with . . . little girls gathering around child- sized tables for tea parties.  But we seem to have less room in our lives for forging relationships with other women as our families grow and our careers advance.  ConnectiviTEA helps fill that void. We find fascinating women at the top of their fields in diverse careers and invite them to connect with one another over traditional High Tea in a relaxing but elegant luxury hotel setting.  There is no formal structure, no keynote speakers to listen to, no leadership hierarchy.  It is quite simply just a small, “invitation only” event where fascinating women share in stimulating conversations that happen organically and are never orchestrated.  The women who participate in ConnectiviTEA understand what it takes to achieve.  They would typically be described as sophisticated, cultured, worldly and always accomplished.  They are the renaissance women of the 21st century.  If you’ve received an invitation to attend a ConnectiviTEA, we hope you see it as a privilege and an opportunity (register here).  The privilege is being able to count yourself among a small group of truly amazing women in your local area.  The teas are held once a month by invitation and span three hours.  We know you’re busy managing lots of responsibilities alnd hope you can unplug and stay the entire time.  We know you won’t want to leave once you’re there! 
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Women of achievement have busy lives . . . often too busy to connect with their peers on a social level.  ConnectiviTEA brings women at the top of their fields together to share stimulating conversations and to build friendships with women of substance from diverse fields.  A college president might be seated to your left, a tech company CEO to your right with an opera singer across the table.  ConnectiviTEA is not just another networking group.  It is an enriching experience.
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